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How to maintain the tires?

The tire is the only direct contact between the car and the ground. The condition of the tire is closely related to the driving safety. Therefore, in daily life, we have to carry out some routine maintenance and inspection of the tires to ensure that they are always in normal working condition.

1. Pattern thickness: The thickness of the tire pattern is related to the grip of the tire and the drainage capacity. Regular inspection of the thickness of the tread is a very important thing, especially for friends who travel a lot, but also check the pattern. There are two ways to check the pattern, either: one is to check by the pattern thickness check block that comes with the tire. When the two sides of the groove are flush with the green highlighted part of the red frame, it is to change the tire. The day is over.

One is to check some tire tread thickness scales. Generally speaking, when the pattern depth is less than 3mm, it should be noticed. When it is less than or equal to 1.6mm, it should be replaced directly.

2. Tire pressure: A qualified friend can prepare a tire pressure gauge, not too high-end, can regularly measure the tire pressure of his car, if you recommend normal city driving, as long as the tire pressure is maintained in the manual recommended tire pressure value, you can It is considered to be improved or lowered. Mechanical pointer or electronic can be used.

3. Spare tire: The spare tire is a component that many people will ignore for maintenance. After all, this stuff may not be used when someone drives the car to scrap. However, I am afraid that if I am not afraid of 10,000, I will be afraid of using a spare tire. Therefore, for the spare tire, it is necessary to do some inspection and maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that he will not drop the chain when critically needed. The spare tire needs to measure the tire pressure periodically, and check whether there is any obvious crack on the surface of the tire. If it is a bottom-mounted spare tire, it is necessary to clean the spare tire.

4. Degree of wear: When the tire is in contact with the ground, there will definitely be wear. We can judge the wheel position by the degree of wear of the tire to assist in adjusting the wheel so that the four wheels are at the same degree of wear as possible. There is no obvious difference in grip between the wheels. If necessary, the wheels can be periodically replaced diagonally, which also helps the tires to achieve the same level of wear.

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